Monthly Archives: June 2008

Snake Venom Story

Vipers, fangs and venom are the stuff of horror movies and nightmares. But in the medical world, snakes are becoming the good guys. Dr. Bart Demaerschalk, M.D., a Mayo Clinic neurologist, is researching snake venom to see if it can help stroke victims by buying them more time. To listen to this podcast segment, click the link […]

Sports Rehabilitation and Performance

Whether you’re a professional athlete, high school athlete or weekend warrior, reaching peak performance is a common goal. But that’s not going to happen if you have deficiencies in strength or flexibility. In fact, these weaknesses are a common cause of injury. That’s why Mayo Clinic’s Sports Medicine developed a program aimed at helping athletes, […]

Ovaries and Dementia

Every day up to two-thousand women have hysterectomies. Many of these women also choose to have their ovaries taken out at the same time to remove their risk of ovarian cancer. But for younger women who are not at high risk for ovarian cancer, doctors at Mayo Clinic are saying, “not so fast.” Two studies […]

Transplant Advances

Organ transplantation has come a long way in the past decades. Take heart transplants for example. It used to be that only people under age 50 could get them, and they were fairly risky. Now people in their ’70s are having transplants, and transplant patients of all ages are living longer and feeling stronger. Here’s […]

Heart Disease in Women

For decades, heart disease was considered a man’s disease. But what many people don’t realize is that each year heart disease kills more women than men. And because of this misperception, women with heart issues sometimes don’t get the diagnoses or care they need. Let’s go to Mayo Clinic where doctors are trying to change […]