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Magnets for Migraines

Ask anyone who gets them and they’ll tell you, migraine headaches can be a real pain!  About 30-million Americans suffer from migraine headaches and while medications help many people, not everyone responds the same way.  Plus, medications can have side effects.  Now, doctors at Mayo Clinic are studying the use of electomagnetics as a treatment to […]

Molecular Breast Imaging

When it comes to screening for breast cancer, mammography is the best available tool for mass screening. But for women with dense breast tissue, mammography may not be enough to spot breast cancer early, when it’s most curable. Doctors at Mayo Clinic have developed technology to help.  It’s called molecular breast imaging.

Babysitter Safety

When you hire a babysitter, you put the care and safety of your child in the hands of another. But would the person you hire know what to do if your child choked or got injured? The truth is many babysitters would not know how to handle those situations. That’s why Mayo Clinic is working […]

MRI Screening for Breast Cancer

Screening is a proven tool in the fight against breast cancer.  Self-exams, clinical-exams and mammograms are all all part of the recommended routine.  At Mayo Clinic, doctors are also utilizing MRI’s for women at high risk of developing the disease.

Protected: Medical Edge TV Previews – February 2009

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