Anatomy of Addiction-Extended Interview

Cigarettes are highly addicting. But why is it that some people who try cigarettes can put them down and never get addicted while others get hooked right away? As we hear from Dr. Richard Hurt, director of the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center, the answer lies in how your brain responds to nicotine. 

Anatomy of Addiction Extended Interview

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    Hello Mayo Clinic from Castlebar in Co Mayo Ireland.
    WE are a small community radio station in Castlebar Co Mayo staffed by volunteers and a non profit making organisation. We have broadcast some of your excellent podcasts to our community and we would like, with your permission to continue to do so, as we feel they provide very valuable information to our listeners. They are of special interest to those in our community who are not familiar with the technology of podcasting and our service allows them access to this material.
    THe fact that we are in Co Mayo and you are the renowned Mayo Clinic makes it even more interesting.
    We do acknowledge the Clinics productions in our broadcasts.

    Incidently we have a streaming service on our website so you would be able to listen in to the broadcast if you wish. The programme is called “Health Links” and contains items on various aspects of health and is broadcast on Tuesdays from 4pm-5pm Irish Time

    Many thanks

    Yours sincerely

    Pat Stanton
    Manager Community Radio Castlebar

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