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Normal Weight Obesity-Extended Interview

We hear a lot about obesity these days.  And rightfully so.  It’s a growing problem, with big health consequences.  But did you know that you could have a normal body weight and still be obese?  Click the link below to hear Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist, discuss normal weight obesity. Normal Weight Obesity

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome-Extended Interview

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome is the fourth most common congenital heart defect.  The pumping chamber on the left side of the heart doesn’t develop.  Without treatment, it can be fatal within a few days of birth.  Click the link below to hear Dr. Harold Burkhart, a surgeon at Mayo Clinic, discusses the condition and how […]

Protected: Medical Edge TV Previews – April 2009

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Pelvic Reconstruction

Janis Ollson thought she had it all. She was young, in a great marriage with baby number two on the way. Then she got the bad news. A rare cancer had formed in her pelvis. Getting rid of the cancer would mean not only removing part of her pelvis, but also part of her spine […]

Crohn’s Disease and Pregnancy

Crohn’s Disease is a chronic, inflammatory condition of the intestinal tract that can cause diarrhea, stomach pain, joint pain and fatigue. Many people with Crohn’s are women of childbearing age. It used to be that these women were warned that pregnancy could make the disease much worse, and some avoided having children. But now, newer […]