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Protected: Medical Edge TV Previews – May 2009

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Hi Def CT Scanner

Watching a TV show in high definition is a different experience than watching it in standard def. The images are sharper and clearer. Now, doctors at Mayo Clinic are using high def CT scanners to see inside the body. The technology allows them to see more detail, but perhaps more important, it also allows them […]

Proactive Prevention

You’ve heard the advice many times, “eat right and exercise to improve your health.” The fact is, that advice is true. You really can make a difference. Doctors at Mayo Clinic designed the heart health and performance program to help people assess their health and learn ways to make it better.

Breast Cancer and Asthma

Researchers at Mayo Clinic are exploring an association between the spread of breast cancer and asthma. They published a study suggesting that a woman with breast cancer, as well as asthma, may be at increased risk of that cancer spreading to her lungs.

Protected: Parkinson’s DBS

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