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Caring Hands

Suffering patients know the importance of human touch. The power of personal contact to the sick or post-surgical patient can be profound. Whether it’s a massage or knitting a shawl, health care volunteers like the ones you’re about to meet know there is healing in caring hands.

Aneurysm Surgery

Brain aneurysms can be very deadly. The ballooning vessel can rupture, leaking blood into your brain. If that happens there’s a 60% chance you won’t make it. Doctors agree that it’s vitally important to fix aneurysms at risk of bleeding. Let’s go to Mayo Clinic to learn about a new technique for repairing aneurysms. It’s […]

Minorities and Breast Cancer-extended interview

Breast cancer does not discriminate. Any woman of any race can get it. But what many might not know is that minorities such as African Americans, Latinos and Asians tend to develop breast cancer earlier and often have more aggressive tumors than white women. And as we find out in this discussion with Mayo Clinic […]

Autoimmune Pancreatitis-extended interview

Pancreatic Cancer is a nasty disease that typically carries a bad prognosis. But there is a rare condition that is often mistaken for pancreatic cancer. Dr. Santhi Vege, a Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist talks about auto-immune pancreatitis. Click on the following link to hear this podcast:  Autoimmune Pancreatitis

Myasthenia Gravis-Extended Interview

The symptoms can range from barely noticeable to debilitating… even life-threatening. We’re talking with Dr. Brian Crum, a Mayo Clinic neurologist about a condition called myasthenia gravis. Click on the following link to listen to this podcast:  Myasthenia Gravis extended interview