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New Esophageal Cancer Treatment

Cancer of the esophagus is like many other types of cancer. It’s often curable if caught early. Treatment for esophagus cancer, even in the early stage, has traditionally been surgery — removal of the entire esophagus. But now, doctors at Mayo Clinic are using minimally invasive endoscopies to treat early cancers. Patients have the procedure […]

Protected: Medical Edge Previews – December 2009

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Snoring Device

Some people may laugh about it, but snoring is really not that funny. It can disrupt your sleep and that of your spouse. And if you have sleep apnea and you stop breathing during the night, you have an increased risk of cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure or even heart attack. Doctors at […]

Hip Pain and Replacement

Every year thousands of people undergo hip replacement surgery to get rid of pain caused by arthritis. The good news is that most hip replacement operations are successful, and people who have them are pain free. But sometimes, after years of wear, those replacement joints can loosen. New technology is making that happen much less […]


Imagine being diagnosed with bladder cancer as a young woman, and also being told that after surgery you might end up having to use an outside bag to collect urine. It would change your life and make some activities difficult. Doctors at Mayo Clinic strive to make this situation better for patients. They’re constructing new […]