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Protected: Medical Edge Previews — January 2010

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Sniffing Septic Shock

One out of ten. Those are your chances of going into septic shock if you’re a patient in a hospital intensive care unit. This happens mostly because patients can be very sick with complex illnesses. Doctors at Mayo Clinic want to improve those odds. They’ve developed smart alarm technology that constantly monitors a patient’s status […]

Holmium Laser for BPH

By the time they hit their 60th birthdays, half of all men will have a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. It’s a natural enlargement of the prostate gland that happens as you age. Treatment can be as simple as daily medication or as invasive as open surgery. Now doctors at Mayo Clinic are […]

Mayo Clinic Health Manager

Computers have made many aspects of life easier. You can find programs to help do you taxes, write a will, keep your finances organized, and even help you find the right color paint for your living room. Now there’s an interactive program designed to provide your family personalized reminders and guidance from Mayo Clinic based […]