Daily Archives: April 12, 2010

H. pylori

Bloating, pain, nausea and fullness. All are symptoms of stomach dyspepsia and ulcers. For years people thought these issues were sometimes caused by stress. But the truth is, they’re generally caused by common bacteria. And Doctors at Mayo Clinic say if you have it, and one out of five people do, you should likely get […]

Kidney Cancer

Imagine this: you go to the doctor for an upset stomach, and a CT scan reveals a large tumor on your kidney. The truth is, most kidney cancers are found like that: during tests for other issues. That’s because these tumors often don’t cause symptoms. Here’s the story of a woman who had a kidney […]

Extreme Endurance Athlete

Think about what it takes to run a marathon. Months of training and preparation. Now imagine running a marathon every single day. That’s what extreme athlete Diane VanDeren does to prepare for her races – unbelievable distances of 100 to 435 miles. She’s teamed up with doctors at Mayo Clinic to help them learn more […]

Treating Depression and Anxiety in Kids

In this Medical Edge Radio segment we hear from Mayo Clinic Dr. Stephen Whiteside about depression and anxiety are not just adult issues. To listen, click the link below. Treating Depression and Anxiety in Kids

Brain Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Joon Uhm, a Mayo Clinic neuro–oncologist and brain tumor specialist, describes symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors, as well as hopeful research and what’s special about Mayo Clinic’s team approach to patient care.