Monthly Archives: January 2011

Blood Basics

Being stuck with a needle is no fun, but blood tests are a very important part of your general physical examination. The information doctors get from blood tests provides information on whether or not your body is functioning normally. So, what exactly are they looking for in your sample of blood? Let’s take a look […]


There’s no doubt that playing a game on a Wii gets you off the couch and moving. Bowling, tennis, yoga. You can really get a workout before you know it. That’s the concept behind a new occupational therapy program at Mayo Clinic. Some therapists are using Wiis to help stroke victims and other patients get […]

Transplant Friends

This is a story about life, love and selfless giving. It’s a story about two women who share more than just friendship. They share the gift of life.

Twitter and Medicine

In this Medical Edge Radio episode, find out how social media is helping connect patients and physicians. To listen, click the link below. Twitter and Medicine

Preventing Menstrual Migraine

In this Medical Edge Radio episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Beverly Tozer talks about menstrual migraines and how to prevent them. To listen, click the link below. Preventing Menstrual Migraine