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Obesity and Breast Cancer

In this Medical Edge Radio episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Barbara Pockaj discusses the relationship between obesity and breast cancer. To listen, click the link below. Obesity and Breast Cancer

Study Suggests Those Who Have Chronic Pain May Need to Assess Vitamin D Status

Mayo Clinic research shows a correlation between inadequate vitamin D levels and the amount of narcotic medication taken by patients who have chronic pain. This correlation is an important finding as researchers discover new ways to treat chronic pain. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic pain is the leading cause of […]

Obesity and Colon Cancer

In this Medical Edge episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Frank Sinicrope discusses his study and the association between obesity and colon cancer. To listen, click the link below. Obesity and Colon Cancer

Mayo Clinic Study Suggests Bariatric Surgery Increases Broken Bone Risk

Bariatric surgery — limiting the intake of the stomach — is becoming an increasingly common treatment for obesity. It has side effects, however, including a newly documented risk for bone fractures. Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Elizabeth Haglind, M.D., is presenting the findings at the Society of Endocrinology Annual Meeting.

Weight Study and Risk for Pancreatic Cancer

Robert McWilliams, M.D., a Mayo Clinic medical oncologist and Gloria Petersen, PhD, a Mayo Clinic epidemiologist, published an editorial in the June 24 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The editorial commented on a study published in the same issue conducted by Donghui Li, PhD, University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer […]